Join a class, workshop, or walk with Rabbi Katy

Workshops based on A Tree of Life

Wednesdays, March 15, 22, 29, 7-9 PM, Online

Are you stressed out by life and the state of the world? A climate or social justice activist? Dealing with trauma or loss in your personal life?

Join Rabbi Katy Allen for an afternoon of multimedia interaction and meditation on a journey through trauma and healing with her new book, A Tree of Life: A Story in Word, Image and Text, with photographs by Mary North Allen. Give yourself the opportunity to transition to a greater level of faith and acceptance in the face of personal loss and despair with the world.

The February 26th workshop will span four hours, giving participants time to experience the full trajectory of the healing process and will be followed by a potluck vegetarian dinner.

The online workshop will take place during three 1 1/2-2 hour Zoom sessions that will divide the journey from beginning, into trauma, and through healing into steps along the way. 

Participants are encouraged to spend time with the book ahead of the workshop in order to enhance their experience that day.

These events are sponsored by Jewish Climate Action Network-MA, Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light, Common Street Spiritual Center, Open Spirit: A Place of Hope, Health, and Harmony, and Ma'yan Tikvah.


Shabbat Morning Meditative Walks

Join Rabbi Katy and May'an Tikvah for leisurely walks in Metrowest Boston on Shabbat morning that include prayer, readings, discussion, personal meditation, and time to connect with each other. Find upcoming dates here.

As a Falling Leaf: Slowing Down and Letting Go

Join Rabbi Katy on selected Friday evenings for 30 minutes of ancient and modern wisdom, guided meditation, and reflection. Find more information here and upcoming dates here.

Three Springtime Contemplative Walks

Experience the beauty and wonder of nature with Rabbi Katy Allen on her Springtime Contemplative Walks series! This is your chance to embark on a journey of spiritual exploration while enjoying the great outdoors. Walks will take place on April 20, May 4, and May 18. Learn more and register here.

Comments from students:

I experienced the meetings as being rich and revelatory…so many memories, making connections, experiencing deeper insights…. I don’t know Hebrew but I experienced a sense of comfort in seeing the written words. Along with the timelessness and grounding of the trees, it further informed me that G!d is truly present here.

I think your book is brilliant! Having so few words, it afforded greater space and freedom for things to emerge than if paragraphs had been written. And the words you wrote are so precise, expressing so much in terms of pain, joy, healing and love. The fact that the sensitive and moving photographs were taken by your mother…wow, what a tribute. A beautiful piece of work and, as you said in your introduction, personal and universal. I can see it being used as a retreat…one day, several days…and I trust that, however it is used, it will be transforming for those who experience it.

--Joy, participant in A Tree of Life workshop


Your message was powerful and empowering. You looked wonderful…like a nature emissary or…from another era…a nature goddess/representative of all beings of nature… What a presence you offered.

--Judith, conference attendee


Your words ... are so helpful in leveling the unevenness in what I am feeling. The draining and confusion from the depth of anger, the storming of institutions, the range of remarks, are all unsettling. Your message is a balm, a lullaby, a recognition of suffering and unease, even for the moment.

--Carol, workshop participant