Other Books from Rabbi Katy Allen

The month of Elul is a time for reflection, a time for t’shuvah, of turning and re-turning to G!d and to our best selves, in preparation for the Days of Awe. It is time for heshbon hanefesh, examining our hearts and souls. Elul is the time for us to begin to make atonement for the things we wish we had or hadn’t done, and to renew ourselves, to do all we can to get ourselves to change. To help you on this journey, you will find in this volume a series of reflections for the month of Elul, divrei Earth—teachings that connect Earth and Torah.  Use this volume to help you expand your own reflections about t’shuvah: read a few etudes a day or even select by theme. Themes include climate change, community and covenant, cycles, nature, gardening, personal behavior, rituals, and turning.

These reflections, meditations filled with Jewish wisdom, are written by rabbis, hazzans, environmentalists, gardeners, poets, activists, educators, storytellers, scientists and other spiritual leaders, reflecting many points of view and ways of looking at the world and the process of t’shuvah.

Falling Light and Waters Turning is a magnificent story of a woman discovering her artistic nature part-way through life, and pursuing it. In her forties, she went back to school and got a BA in Art, after raising her three children and struggling through a midlife crisis in which she searched to find herself. Her journey of healing took on new energy and direction when she reconnected with an old love, photography, and discovered a feedback relationship to herself, through art, that she had never had before. 

This memoir is filled with stories of Mary's unusual childhood traveling the world, her transformation of her life through art and teaching, her lyrical poetic prose, and her stunning photos—more than 200 of them, some color some black and white. Falling Light and Waters Turning is a book that many different kinds of people can enjoy, relate to, and perhaps find echoes of some of their own life's trials and triumphs. 

Loss and Transformation: One Woman's Journey out of Grief to Opportunity provides a personal account of the author's exploration of her family's stories and their connections to sacred texts as a vehicle for her own emotional and spiritual transformation in the face of loss and grief. A Jewish theology of loss and transformation accompanies the stories, along with step-by-step reflections to allow the reader to participate in the process of connecting family stories and sacred texts as a way to heal from personal loss.