As a Falling Leaf: 
Letting Go and Slowing Down

On selected Friday evenings at 6:00 PM, Eastern time, join Rabbi Katy for 30 minutes of ancient and modern wisdom, guided meditation, and reflection. 

All are welcome, no matter what your faith tradition.

What participants say about As a Falling Leaf:

In the Falling Leaf program, Rabbi Katy starts each session with readings, encourages us to make comments on them and then leads us on a guided meditation. As she guides us on each meditation, she has the ability to beautifully synthesize our comments. I’ve dubbed her an alchemist, one who magically transforms base metals into gold. In this case, Rabbi Katy transforms our thoughts into valuable interconnecting reflections.

Sandy H

Falling Leaf sessions lead me into a moment similar to being in midair free fall.  In the midst of my thoughts and feelings, I get to sit with what goes through my head and heart, a sifting and sorting out of what I need to pay attention to. As the veins of a leaf, my internal flow finds patterns, connecting me with the life energy of what is beyond me and within me. An array of gentle prompts guides me to pull out what calls to me. Leaving these sessions, I have a fresh outlook, a sense of calm, an appreciation for my life as I am in it.  

Carol R.