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Prayers and Meditations

To follow Rabbi Katy's blog with periodic posting of Divrei Earth - spiritual wisdom from Earth and Torah, including the annual series of Earth Etudes for Elul, click here.

Prayer for the Earth

Use this prayer as part of your personal prayer practice, to open a meeting, or as part of a Shabbat or other service. Open the prayer here.

Prayer for Composting

Source of All, thank you for Your Presence in this space as I return Your gifts to the earth. Please, Holy One, as these bits and scraps are transformed into fertile soil, help me awaken my heart to be transformed as well, that I may better serve this sacred planet, its inhabitants, and all that is unseen and unknown.  Thank you. Amen.

Prayer for Difficult Times

A prayer for moments of feeling overwhelmed by the challenges in life, from the personal to the global. Open the prayer here.

Meditation on Asher Yatzar Blessing 

The Asher Yatzar blessing focuses on our physical being, offering the opportunity to explore the boundaries and the differences between us and all that is beyond our skin, which can, paradoxically, bring us to greater understanding of our connections. Open the meditation here.

Meditation on Being Made in G!d's Image

Considering the entire Universe and all it contains to be sacred can lead us to a unique sense of our how holiness, as well as a more profound sends of connection to all that is. Open the meditation here.

Meditations for Lighting the Hanukkiah

Lighting Our Way to Greater Sustainability: Meditations for Lighting the Hanukkiah provides meditations to make connections to the Earth within the context of Hanukkah. Each meditation is connected to a prayer or text from Jewish tradition and one or more spiritual and psychological barriers that prevent us from taking action. Open it here

A Meditation on Tracks in the Snow

A video meditation on tracks in the snow and similarities and difference. Find it here.

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